Mission and Purpose

The Gurian Foundation is committed to improving the lives of boys and girls in disadvantaged schools and communities. The primary tools for this improvement include the mentoring, training, and coaching of educators, professionals, and parents who raise or work with both genders.

The Foundation is particularly interested in providing gender-specific learning and teaching tools because these science-based practical strategies have been proven to help raise student achievement, reduce disciplinary issues, lower dropout rates, and increase the chances of child success.

The Foundation’s Approach

The Foundation can receive private donations and apply for and receive government and foundation grants. The Foundation is a 501 c 3 corporation. All donations are eligible for a tax deduction.

The Foundation’ Board is comprised of professionals from many areas of life—teachers, parents, attorneys, accountants, business owners–committed to utilizing and institutionalizing science-based systemic change models in schools and communities.

“Children are our destiny, whether we ourselves give birth to them or not. If we are not working to improve the lives of children, we are living half a life. When we devote ourselves to children, we become whole.”

–Michael Gurian, Author of THE WONDER OF BOYS and THE WONDER OF GIRLS

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